Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey, fuck you.

Yeah, that's right. Fuck you.

Also, if you've ever seen Rescue Me, I hate, loath, destest, deplore, hate hate hate Dennis Leary's character Thomas Gavin. I just want to find Leary and punch him because that's the closest thing to punching Tommy Gavin.

That is all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kay, another post.

In Soviet Russia, they made Sovtek amplifiers. Except not really, because they were made after 1991. So in Capitalist Russia, they make Sovtek amps with Soviet technology. In other words, they weigh more than the most obese fatty you've ever seen, but they do fucking kill.

They're my investments, as well as a few Sunn amps, and stuff. I'd rather invest in things that will grow in capital (unlike most stock market investments).

Oh fuck you B-Spec driver, you wonder why I chose the name N. Kok for you. Don't beef my Formula Gran Turismo again. Just don't.

There are only 273 days left (until Earth becomes an unlivable radioactive rock somewhat like Mercury). Brool story Co.


New post.

I have my B-Spec driver lapping the Fuji Speedway and doing a bang up job of it. Star Blazers, which is hilarious on the main right screen below the 40" Gran Turismo 5 is on, and this blog and a lot of pornography on this left screen. It's bitchen.

It's also too damned hot in the summer for me to give a damn about anything like taking the garbage out.

So yeah, hello again negative-followers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Think I'm going to create another blog.

Seeing as we can have multiple blogs of different themes (or the same one if you're lazy) I think I'll create another. I don't know what it'll focus on, if anything specific. But it'll be around sometime.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You want real change?

If you want real change, you'll to start voting out Republicans and Democrats. They practice the same 'ole politics by the same 'ole people. Get rid of these guys, moderates included, and you'll have real change.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just thinking aloud...

So, do you pray to God on Sunday? Yes, I'm sure you do. You do know that Sunday (or the Sabbath day) is His day off, right?

How would you like it if every one that prayed to your god prayed to you on your day off as well? That would be every Jew, every Christian, and every Muslim. That's a lot of wasted energy, because God surely isn't listening. It is His day off after all.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well... Shit.

I really do think this country is no longer for the people.

While some of our elected officials may be for the people, the majority are not. I think the ones more for the people are the ones elected on municipal levels, county levels, and moreover, state levels. US Senators, and Representatives, and hell, even the President aren't for the people. Some of them may be, and I'm sure there is a few that really are for the people that elected them, but the rest are not. They're more concerned with their political agendas and the party loyalties most of them have.

It's sad really, that we all have been complacent to this. We sit back and complain when the politician's views don't mirror our own. We sure as hell don't protest or petition which is our right. At least, we don't protest at the levels we should. For instance, the former administration had the shittiest approval ratings since approval ratings were taken. What did people do? They sat back and disapproved. The amount of people that wanted Bush out of office probably wasn't much, but if they all decided to get together in DC right on the National Mall and protest, I'm sure it would have struck a certain chord with the people they'd have been protesting against.

God damn, we've become lazy when it comes to our government. Keywords: our government. Our government should be doing what the people want, not what they want. While this country may not be a pure democracy (it's a representative democracy), who do the people representing us think they represent? You say you elect a politician because you agree with them on the issues. Yeah, fuck that, few people really do it that way. You elect them because they're a Democrat or a Republican or whatever party you happen to support. Yeah, that's right is it not?

What Senators and Representatives need to do is go to their respective districts, find a big ass meeting hall, and listen. Fuckin' listen to the people and what they want to see happen. But with that happen? You can bet it never will. These politicians are in it for themselves, and their political party.